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LABLUE & ASTRØNNE – Blue Phases (Deluxe) – Vinyl 12″


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Vinyle 12″ Deluxe / Blue Phases – LaBlue & Astrønne (2022)

After the release of their first EP “Blue Phases”, the soul duo LaBlue & Astrønne are back with 5 new tracks, the second part of their project. Through this collection, the young singer Astrønne and the multi-instrumentalist LaBlue welcome  us into their sincere and delicate universe. True introspection – sung in French and in English – “Blue Phases” depicts the sensitivity of a young protagonist by using water as a common thread to narrate his emotions.

This vital element is used both figuratively thanks to the sounds of rain or wave oscillations accompanying the music, but also in an abstract way as a symbol of movement and life found on the tracks “Woman of the Twilight”, “Keep It Smooth” or even “Liquid”. In contrast, “Blue” and “Memories” remind us that our emotions often oscillate between joy and melancholy. This blues that we find on “Home”, “Sous la Pluie” or “Café Paris” testifies to the sometimes very complicated love stories that we would like to be more peaceful.

This first project, is promising from the young duo, is a dreamlike journey Neo-soul, Jazz tinged with pop. Released April 1, 2022 on Roche Musique



A1. LaBlue & Astronne – Lost
A2. LaBlue & Astrønne – Twilight Woman
A3. LaBlue & Astronne – Keep It Smooth
A4. LaBlue & Astronne – Blue
AT 5. LaBlue & Astrønne – In The Rain
A6. LaBlue & Astronne – Home

B1. LaBlue & Astronne – Una Mas
B2. LaBlue & Astrønne – Liquide feat. Nael Kaced
B3. LaBlue & Astronne – Night Ride
B4. LaBlue & Astronne – Café Paris
B5. LaBlue & Astrønne – Memories