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CD – Amour – Zimmer (2022)

Zimmer wanted more simplicity and humanity in the conception of this new album “Amour”: from the collaborations (“These are people I admire, with whom I’ve wanted to work for a long time in a physical way and not in a virtual way by exchanging files”) to the artwork, from the chiseled and committed lyrics to the evocation of his memories of DJing all around the planet, from South America to Beirut. A second album whose universal name perfectly sums up Zimmer’s philosophy. This vital need of connection and sharing guided by dance and music, this freedom to vibrate and to give thrills, as he sums it up perfectly: “I like emotional rollercoasters, and I think it is strongly felt in this new album. I am constantly divided in my music between the solar and melancholic side which are permanently intertwined, I like these moments on the dancefloor where you are divided between the euphoria and the nostalgia, between the collective experience and the intimate. All those moments of intense joy where you almost want to cry on the dancefloor!”

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