On the occasion of the international celebration of music, Uniqlo and Roche Musique joined their creativity on a summery and graphic collection guided by a subtle color palette. Behind this concept, we find the label’s will to expand its taste for arts to one of its main fields of experiment : clothing. 




Inspired by the creative synergy of the collaboration, Darius - flagship artist of the label - offers his inventiness and shares his silver photographs. Photographic narrative of his journeys, between worldwide tours, edenic places and tender gazes, this range of garments embodies the hedonistic lifestyle of the Roche fam, its appetite for the sea, the sun, and the design.
Here is a selection of unique reinventing the unisex  basics : trench coats, pants and socks are branded Roche. Warmth, smoothness, confort, simplicity and quality, that is what we love in streetwear : geometric cuts, gentle textures and finest colours as cream, orange, green and black shades. The models pose, almost dance in a aerial environnement edged with skyscraspers and spring foliage. initially, those pieces were definitely made or being wore by everyone, everytime, everywhere.


Talents : @jonathan.eap & @bastet_vie I Photos : @kop3to